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Michael H.

Chicago, IL


"Recently relocated out of Illinois and used them as hired muscle to pack my 16' moving truck I rented through Penske. The posted picture above is actually some of our stuff in the truck they packed perfectly. We have quite a bit of stuff and I honestly didn't think it would all fit. We consolidated a few things, but still had a 2BR apartment that had to go inside that truck. I couldn't be more pleased.

They followed up with us twice the morning of the move to let us know they're on their way and running a little late, and again to notify us that they're in the area. Just provided me reassurance of their professionalism. They did an excellent job of moving the furniture and caring for everything. They did not ding anything up. They knew how to pack the truck too because everything did fit. Furthermore, nothing got damaged in the 300+ mile drive out of Illinois. We had about 7-8 fragile boxes filled with glassware and other breakable objects. As you can see from the picture of our truck, everything was packed secure and now residing in our new house. Their price was more competitive than anyone else, and did a far better job than I could have ever imagined. I couldn't be happier with their service and recommend them to anyone for moving assistance."

Amanda H.

Chicago, IL


"I've used several different moving companies in Chicago in the past few years and have had some bad experiences and never found a company that I thought was phenomenal or worth rehiring. I heard about Neuhaus&Sons after asking my Facebook friends to recommend good movers, and I had several friends who enthusiastically recommended Neuhaus&Sons.

I contacted Mike through email and he got back to me in less than an hour with a quote and to set up an appointment. It was nice to not have to put down a deposit or answer 6 million questions about how many boxes I have (who keeps track of that?!), what sizes they are (what is considered medium?!), or how much shrink wrap I need for my bookcases (cuz I shrink wrap my stuff all the time just for fun).

Anyway, the day of the move Mike called several hours before my scheduled time to let me know their expected arrival time and again when they were on their way over. Mike and Keith were very polite, introduced themselves, and got right to work.

They worked faster and more efficiently than any of the 4 men crews I've hired in the past. I couldn't believe how quickly 2 dudes moved that much stuff down 3 steep flights of stairs. And they didn't complain about the stairs or how dusty/heavy some of the boxes were.

I don't own any priceless artwork, have a faberge egg collection, or a $6,000 credenza, but they moved all of my stuff with the type of care given to those types of items. Mike even took the time to remove the doors on some very heavy/large cabinets just to make sure they could move them easily and without damaging anything. They were very communicative about asking where things should go and were incredibly easygoing and flexible."

This was by far, the most stress-free, pleasant experience with movers I have ever had. I highly, highly recommend Neuhaus&Sons. Excellent service for an excellent price!"

Brian S.

Chicago, IL


"Neuhaus and Sons were simply amazing. I searched for movers a few days before my move once I realized I would have to sucker a friend into moving my gargantuan sofa bed down three flights of stairs. Neuhaus and Sons showed up on time and had packed the truck quickly (without damaging the furniture or the walls) despite working on their third move of the day. They never complained or seemed to slow down. In fact, I think they unpacked even quicker. Neuhaus and Sons were also the least expensive of the moving companies from whom I requested an estimate. Overall, they made moving as painless as could be, were professional and courteous, and did not drain my bank account in the process."

Natalia D.

Chicago, IL


"I highly recommend Neuhaus and Sons! I had some heavy furniture delivered to my house yesterday and they were prompt and efficient. It's a no frills kind of arrangmenent. You tell them what you want delivered/moved and they do it for you for a flat rate fee. Thanks again guys!"

Janet A.

Chicago, IL


"These are great! I have used them several times, and they are always punctual, and do a really great job. They are careful to protect my house and the items they are moving. Use them with confidence."

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